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PB: Danila Polyakov

*Player and Character are over the age of majority. This journal is for entertainment only. Dark themes are explored but are fiction.

Name: Schuldig (he has forgotten his real name, but occasionally uses the name Johnas Veighlich, an identity he stripped from a murdered undercover Bundesnachrichtendienst agent. What was left of the body was never found)
Code-Name: Mastermind. Affectionately calls his telepathic link to his colleagues that allows them to speak freely between eachother 'Doberman radio'

Appearance: Caucasian. Ginger red hair, amber eyes he for a few years covered with blue contact lenses. He also had a phase where he dyed his hair green, but he doesn't talk about that.

Languages: Fluent in German, English and Japanese.

Occupation: Assassin and Bodyguard for hire... May or may not backstab depending on the lulz involved. High probability on the 'May'.

Background: Like most of the telepaths taken by Rozenkreuz to be 'trained' for Eszett, Schuldig is both a sociopath and insane although like a successful and functional member of society, he hides it well. Training by Rozenkreuz was harsh and had a habit of burning out 'talents'. Schuldig excelled and was eventually placed with the elite Schwarz team however, and sent to Japan to bring about the end of the world under Eszett's direction.

Rozenkreuz and Eszett made the fatal mistake of assuming that Schwarz would simply go along being pawns. Instead Schwarz decided they were actually better suited to be the Gods in the new world order and made it their mission to destroy Rozenkreuz and Eszett. Which they did.

At 39, after destroying several Rozenkreuz testing facilities and having survived what would leave any reasonable man dead, Schuldig is just beginning to realize the extent of Eszett's genetic manipulation. His body is still in peak condition, not having aged past 25. His telepathy has grown far stronger than it was as a younger man and other people's thoughts have become virtually impossible to distinguish from his own. Only through pain, which he describes as 'tasting like honey', can he reliably separate his consciousness from theirs. This in part fuels some of his sadistic tendencies, as it's rare he can hear himself think or identify his own thoughts without an echo of misery attached.

Since the destruction of Eszett, Schwarz has gone on to have a remarkable career in the underworld, hiring out their skills as bodyguard and/or assassins.

Powers: Schuldig's primary power is telepathy. His telepathic powers are used to keep an open 'radio' transmission to operatives/Schwarz, hunt people down, advance security system, learn secrets/codes/passwords, control people's actions and essentially cause as much suffering as he can. He can control what people perceive through all of their senses. He can walk through dreams, induce comas, fry memories and identities.
He also has a small measure of TK ability which he can use in powerful but short bursts, enhanced speed and agility as well as peak athlete level strength.

His insanity from prolonged exposure to other minds has made it difficult for him to focus on things long-term but he is an able tactician in the field being Schwarz's second in command. He lacks finesse with his telekinetic skills and generally only uses it for blunt force when necessary. He prefers to snap a neck the old fashioned way.

Dealing with other telepaths, he is at best, a needle in a haystack. His own mind is flooded at any given time with the conscious thoughts of everyone around him, making it impossible for telepaths to find his thoughts in the chaos.

Because of the nature of his skills and the general invasive tactics he uses, he suffers from frequent, painful debilitating migraines and/or cluster headaches. Nose bleeds are not uncommon and he has gotten lost in other minds for short periods of time rendering him comatose. He has also on more than a few occasions completely fried someone's mind through exertion of force onto them, or burned out their personality leaving them hollow.

Character is taken Post Weiss Gluhen with RP AU history/explanation applied to cannon.

Please msg me if you play a Crawford, other member of Schwarz or Weiss to work out any lingering details :)

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